Ci of Chu (20)

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Qu Yuan’s heart was brooding, and he sighed and hurt himself forever.Think jian production does not release Xi, man was night long.Sad autumn wind moved xi, he back to extremely take.There is so much anger in the sun, so much sorrow in the heart.Would like to shake up and run xi, browsing people swim from the town.Knot micro feeling with statement xi, correction to leave the beauty of the husband.英 文 : The heart is troubled with sorrow and thoughts, and sighs alone are sentimental.I can’t get rid of my feelings. I can’t sleep through the night.How doth the wind of autumn shake all things so violently, that even the whirling poles of heaven are shaken?It hurts me to think of the king’s anger.I would like to run quickly, ah, see people often offended and calm down.Summing up your secret thoughts, telling your heart to the king.Once upon a time you and I sincerely said, yue evening with a period.Qiang middle way and back to the bank xi, against both this he zhi.㤭 I with its beautiful xi, view to its repair 姱.And words and not believe xi, cover for me and made anger.May bear between and since xi, heart shock and dare not.Sad yi still ji into xi, very sad 憺憺.英 文 : The king and I agreed to meet at dusk.Halfway through, he changed his mind, turned around and had another idea.Tell me how good he is, show me what he can do.Why are you mad at me when you broke your promise to me?I hope to find the opportunity to express themselves ah, the heart is afraid to act at will.Sorrow, hesitation, and hope to speak, ah, pain and sorrow in the heart.I am deaf and deaf.Solid cut people not to please xi, all the fruit with me.At the beginning of my old geng Xi, is it still dead?I wish the beauty of the sun could be over.Hope 35 thought like xi, refers to peng City thought instrument.If he extremely and not to xi, so far smell and hard to lose.Good is not external, the name can not be empty.What gives without reward, what gains without truth?The king pretends to be deaf and deaf.Originally honest people do not flatter ah, a lot of villains as a disaster.What I said at the beginning was plain, and could I now forget it all?Why always so loyal and straight ah, is to hope that the virtue of monarchy can be carried forward.Look up to the three Kings and five bullies to follow their example, ah, pointing to the ancient sage Peng Ham to follow his example.If so, what is the end that cannot be reached, then the fame will be everlasting.Kindness doesn’t come from the outside. Fame doesn’t come from nowhere.Who can receive without giving? Who can reap without sowing?Little song yue: with beauty smoke resentment xi, and day and night and without.㤭 I with its beautiful xi, AO I resign and do not listen.Shao Ge said, “I tell the king my secret, but I get no judgment.”Boast of his goodness to me, and haughtily cast aside my words.We say, some birds come from the south to gather the North.Ok 姱 beauty xi, 牉 alone in this foreign land.For he is alone and not a group, and there is no good medium in its side.Road zhuoyuan and hope xi, wish from shen but not.Looking north mountain and runny nose xi, facing water and taixi.Looking at meng Summer’s short night, what twilight if the age!But the distance of Ying Road xi, the soul of a night and nine died.I did not know the road straight, south refers to the moon and stars.May the path pass and not have xi, the soul of the road camp.Why the letter of the soul straight, the heart of man is not with my heart!Reason weak and media impassability xi, still do not know more than calm.A bird comes from the south to live in the North of Han Dynasty.Beautiful and beautiful, living alone in a strange land.Being alone and unable to fit in, there is no good matchmaker to support.The road is long and forgotten, and there is no chance to speak for yourself.Looking at the north mountain tears ah, to the water sigh.Early summer night originally short ah, why the days like years but difficult to sleep?Think of the way back to Ying Du or distant ah, the soul went to many times overnight.I do not know the path of right and wrong ah, had to rely on the moon and stars to identify the direction of the south.How much I want to have been to reach the Ying Du was not accepted by the king ah, only the soul to identify the way back and forth.Why is the soul so faithful and righteous, when the hearts of others are not mine?Couriers are weak, matchmakers have no way, and who knows what I say or say or think.Chaos yue: long seto turbulence, tracing river pool xi.Mad gu southbound, liaoxin.Wei wei stone, jian I wish.Super back chi degree, line hidden into xi.Low you look back, Subei gu Xi.You have everything you need.Sorrow sigh bitter god, spirit distant think xi.Road distant and secluded, and no media xi.Tao si wrote a song to save himself.If you’re worried, don’t tell me.The long sandy beach is rushing with water, and the deep pool is going upstream, and my mind is wandering south to soothe my heart.The rough stones on the road made my journey home difficult.Wander and wander and walk slowly.Hesitate hesitate, stop in the north aunt ah.It’s a hard walk to be sad and upset.Sad sigh, sad heart, soul still homesick ah.It’s a long way, a secluded place, and no one’s announcing it to me.Express your worries and write lyrics. Let’s get rid of ourselves.To whom should these things be said, when melancholy hearts are not at ease?