2022 Leiling 13,800 easy loan home a small number of cars

2022-06-16 0 By

# GaC Toyota off to a great start!Big luck in the Year of the Tiger!Zero down payment;Finance zero interest;Without the credit!Just waiting for you!# : So many gifts during the event!Waiting for you to pick it up!: diversified installment financial products for your choice, more 0 down payment financial policy!An ID card, loan seconds through!: The exhibition hall is regularly disinfected every day, the sales consultants wear masks, and the exhibition cars are disinfected frequently.: old customers transfer to buy cars to enjoy exquisite gifts or send basic maintenance!Free used car professional evaluation, send a beautiful gift package support online car, online appointment test drive, online appointment maintenance: ENJOY VIP test drive privileges, one to one sales consultant exclusive service.To the shop test drive to send a beautiful gift, limited to network customers.The new generation leiling TNGA architecture under the intermediate car, low center of gravity, wide body design, the whole system standard with 8 airbags, quasi L2 level of automatic driving and other functions.Super cost-effective, you deserve it!Interested friends can go to the shop to consult and buy, details see the table below: The activity time from April 3, 2022 to April 4, 2022