Can you hold court at home?During the epidemic, judges are “resourceful” in handling cases

2022-06-16 0 By

“The court will open tomorrow. The community where the collegial panel members live is designated as a prevention zone due to the epidemic, so they cannot attend the court hearing. What should we do?”The sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted the work rhythm of the court in the Center of the Beitang Zhongguancun Science park, and also put forward “new problems” to the judge.According to the trial schedule, on the afternoon of March 28, the north Pond Zhongguancun Science park center court judge Li Hui served as the presiding judge, and judge Niu Xiang, Yan Tao formed a collegial panel, will open a court hearing tianjin information technology Co., Ltd. and a network co., LTD. Infringement of works of information network communication right dispute series of cases.But Yan’s community has been designated as a prevention zone since March 25, requiring her to stay indoors.How to solve the judge can not be in court to participate in the trial of this problem, collegiate members have started thinking.”Can yan Tao participate in the case trial online?” “Are there any technical obstacles” and “do the parties agree?” All the problems will be solved one by one through efforts.”Download and install the trial client on the Internet computer, and send the trial meeting number to Yan Tao to participate in the trial” “there is no technical obstacle” and “all parties agree to hold the trial as scheduled in this way”.And so began a special Internet trial.With two judges and the court clerk in the courtroom and one judge and the defendant in their respective homes, the case began on schedule through a remote hearing system.After the court, the parties to the collegial court to overcome the difficulties, as scheduled to open the court thanked.This special online court session is an epitome of the beitang Zhongguancun Court’s epidemic prevention and control and trial work, demonstrating the court officers’ responsibility and responsibility to comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements and judicial justice for the people and a fair trial.In the next step, The Zhongguancun Court of Beitang will strengthen the online trial, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and case hearing, effectively respond to the judicial appeals of market subjects, and continue to make efforts to build a new height of INTELLECTUAL property trial.(Yan Tao and Bai Hairong, Zhongguancun Court, Beitang)