Guangdong: The owner of a Mercedes Benz reversed his car into a villager’s ancestral temple, and the villager claimed nearly 2 million yuan. Is it reasonable?

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Inscribed: ancestral temple is the historical memory of villagers, the most money can not compensate and retain.News reported, shenzhen had an ancestral hall, surrounded by a us-funded company, in the place where the treasure land, many people want to play the ancestral idea, but ancestral temple in the village people homag said: who can play their ancestral temple idea, let the village villagers to raise money to buy the company, see the ancestral hall of the meaning of the villagers is very big.During the Spring Festival, people visit friends and relatives, go on trips to enjoy flowers, and many people go out. If you drive your private car on the road, you must be highly focused and pay more attention. Otherwise, you may not be able to understand the consequences, and you cannot face them.In southern areas, there are many people, large traffic flow, often appear traffic jam phenomenon, driving in these villages, you may be very uncomfortable, but must be good spirits, because in case of a collision with the villagers and some of the villagers’ houses, the matter is not yet gone.Recently, guangdong Yunfu a Mercedes car owner, because of their own fault, caused great trouble to themselves.It turns out that the Mercedes owner is a car with foshan license plate. It is estimated that the owner works in Foshan. I don’t know what happened. When the Mercedes owner backed up, he hit the house.In the video, we can see that when he backed up, maybe he was not focused enough and backed up too hard, which actually damaged the pillar of the ancestral temple in the village. Such a heavy pillar was smashed. It is estimated that such a violent accident was caused by him stepping on the accelerator carelessly when he backed up.This is great, you know, ancestral temple is the most important place for villagers, especially in the south, this ancestral temple in the villagers, very high status.The owners of Mercedes-benz stirred up a hornet’s nest. The villagers gathered around the owners of Mercedes-Benz and jointly denounced the owners’ behavior, and demanded the owners of Mercedes-Benz to compensate for the loss of stone columns, murals, walls, tiles, banners and other property, totaling nearly 2 million yuan.The villagers’ reason is that the accident caused by the Mercedes owner damaged the main structure of the ancestral temple, which cost a lot of money to build.What’s more, the ancestral hall is a symbol of villagers’ spirit and historical memory. The li Gong ancestral hall in my village has a history of more than 120 years, so the compensation proposed is not excessive at all.Seeing the compensation proposed by the villagers, the owner of the Mercedes Benz probably regretted that he could not make the compensation by selling the Mercedes car himself, and could only use his savings to make the compensation. However, he could afford the Mercedes car, and probably could also use the money to make the compensation.Many netizens left comments after seeing the compensation amount, some of them were very funny and weird: “This is why I dare not drive to visit the ancestral temple.””The old man can…””Not two or three million of them are afraid to go out anymore.””It’s not something that can be measured by money, by foundation, by feng shui.””The mural has gone from two million to one million. It kind of takes care of you.”…However, some villagers put forward that they really want to see the mural of this ancestral temple, which is from which master’s masterpiece, and the value is actually worth millions, but it is estimated that the material and cost are included, and these mural are ancestors of others, so it is really difficult to restore the mural.And the villagers reduced their original demand for $2 million to $1 million, apparently to take care of the Mercedes owner.Is it appropriate to question?Although some were skeptical, saying the price was a bit crazy.If according to this price compensation, it is estimated that the insurance company will not pay, can only be the owner of their own money out of the compensation, is really a little distressed Mercedes owners this foot operation ah.But raised questions about the people are still not finished, someone come out against immediately, saying the question, I don’t know what is called the ancestral temple, ancestral hall, cost and the south hall for the whole village, it is very important, the village affairs will be discussing in the ancestral temple, so once there is something wrong with the ancestral hall, clan appears at the men and women, old and young, all of them, and in such cases,The best thing to do is to negotiate with the villagers in a friendly way, otherwise you can’t afford to mess with the villagers, and many ancestral halls in the south generally have hundreds of years of historical memory, which is basically an antique.Ancestral hall, also known as ancestral hall, ancestral hall and family temple, is the place where ancient Confucians worship their ancestors or sages.In ancient Chinese Confucian ethics, the concept of family is profound. Usually there is one family name, one family or several families in a village, and most of them will set up their own temples to worship ancestors.It records the glory and tradition of the family, is the temple of the family, but also the symbol and symbol of the long history of the Chinese nation.Seeing this ancestral temple information, we can know the importance of ancestral temple to Chinese people. Therefore, in the southern region, almost every village has a ancestral temple, and some of them are very high.Now because of mercedes-benz’s own fault, it is estimated that he needs to pay a sum of money to walk away, causing losses to the owners of Mercedes, do you have any good views?Is it reasonable for the villagers to claim compensation?Thank you for your trust and company, welcome to forward and follow!(Original is not easy, please respect the original, forward and wash draft please note, thank you!)