Fangda Nine steel to carry out the “Golden Tiger report blessing” to send Spring Festival couplets

2022-06-17 0 By

Jiujiang News (He Youbao) In order to create a peaceful and warm festive atmosphere, carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of employees, the arrival of the New Year, Fangda Jiusteel to carry out the “Golden Tiger reported blessing” to send Spring Festival couplets, for the majority of employees to send spring couplets and blessings.Calligraphy enthusiasts from various units form a formation, holding a brush in their right hand and filling it with ink, while pressing the couplet paper in their left hand.Soon, a sentence full of wishes for a better life, appeared on the page, won the audience cheers.”Teacher, please help me write a New Year’s couplet.” “I want a Spring Festival couplet with the word ‘tiger’.””I want a ‘all the best’ couplet.”The activity attracted many employees and their families to come to watch, all the faces are filled with happy smile, laughter, lively scene, full of flavor of the New Year.