Ma Ying-jeou ancestor worship said “fufeng tang” and ancestors surname zhao, what is going on?

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On the second day of the lunar New Year, Ma Ying-jeou spoke of the “Fufeng Hall” of the Ma family, and said that the original family name of the ma was Zhao.What’s going on here?Ma Ying-jeou, the former leader of Taiwan, visited Majiazhuang village in Miaoli County on the second day of the lunar New Year on February 1, and paid homage to ancestors with local relatives. It was also the 25th anniversary of Ma ying-jeou’s visit.Ma Ying-jeou, former leader of Taiwan and former chairman of the Kuomintang party, has been paying respects to his ancestors at Ma Jia Zhuang during the Spring Festival every year.Apart from not going in 2018, it’s not easy to do well for 25 years.After paying his respects, Ma ying-jeou talked with ma family members about the origin of ma’s family name in history from ma’s “Fu Feng Tang”.This is not the first time Ma Ying-jeou said, he went to Majiazhuang a few years ago when the sacrifice, also more than once about the origin of “Fufeng Hall” hall and the origin of this ma family name.This shows at least two points. First, Ma Ying-jeou is very proud of the glorious history of his ma family. Second, Ma Ying-jeou attaches great importance to historical inheritance and cultural roots.Ma Ying-jeou in The Ma family name “Fufeng”, is now 800 miles of Qinchuan hinterland in Shaanxi Province fufeng County, that is the eastern Han Dynasty famous ma Yuan’s hometown.Ma Yuan was the descendant of Zhao She, a famous general in the war of Qin. After Zhao She defeated the state of Qin, the king of Zhao conferred the title of “Lord Ma Fu”, so his family name was changed to Ma.Therefore, the descendants of this family surnamed Ma were originally surnamed Zhao.The ma family moved to Jiangxi during the Five Wild Huat period, and then to Hunan again. Since they believed fufeng was the root of their ma family, the ma family descendants took Fufeng as their first name wherever they went.Ma’s “Fufeng Tang”, in many parts of the country, Taiwan Miaoli County town maple tree in Ma jiazhuang “Fufeng Tang” hall, but one of them.According to the records of Hutian Ma Clan genealogy in Hunan province and hakka Ma clan genealogy in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, the number of ma clan has been thriving since its birth and has been passed down from generation to generation, with specific written records for each generation.Ma Ying-jeou’s grandfather Ma Lian was born in the Reign of The Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty. Ma Lian was a generous squire with profound traditional culture.At that time, ma’s family had cast-iron pot factory, slaughterhouse, rice factory, etc. There were also many shops and business was very prosperous.From the end of the Qing Dynasty to the early years of the Republic of China, Ma Led the regiment training for more than 10 years and often gave rewards to troops passing through nearby areas with his own silver.This act of kindness for Xiangtan, Hengyang two places respected by the people, so he was respected as “xiangzhong first regiment general”.Ma’s father ma Heling was admitted to The Central Political Science University in 1941 and joined the army in 1944. He served as a bodyguard to Chiang Kai-shek and later served as a lieutenant colonel in Chiang Ching-kuo’s “National Salvation League”.He went to Hong Kong in 1949 and Taiwan in the autumn of 1951, serving successively as secretary of the Kuomintang Yangmingshan Party Headquarters, vice chairman of the Taipei Party Headquarters, and deputy director of the Central Commission for Examination and Discipline.After his retirement in 1992, he set up the World Chinese Peace Building Association, looking forward to cross-Straits solidarity and cooperation.In May 1995, he and his wife Qin Houxiu, daughter and son-in-law went back to the mainland to visit relatives.In April 2005, the group went to Handan, Hebei Province, the source of Ma’s ancestors, to search for their roots and worship their ancestors.Mr. Ma Heling passed away in November 2005.In theory, Ma Ying-jeou is the 69th grandson of Zhao She and the 22nd grandson of Ma Ziyi, the founder of the Ma family in Yongxin County, Jiangxi Province.Ma Ying-jeou was given the name ma Ying-jeou by his father. “Ma Ying-jeou” means “chest”, “chest”, “chest”, “nine” means “nine states in the heart”, and does not mean that he hopes for reunification, anyway, Taiwan is a little smaller for him.In 1974, Mr Ma went to the US to study law on a KMT Scholarship and worked briefly in the US after graduation.When Chiang Ching-kuo returned to Taiwan in 1981, ma Ying-jeou was introduced into the list of candidates when Chiang ching-kuo was looking for an English secretary.Chiang Ching-kuo because Ma Ying-jeou’s family is clean and simple, then he arranged beside him as English secretary, engaged in translation work.Mr Ma entered Taiwan’s inner circle at a young age, giving him the opportunity to move up.Despite some squabbling, he was elected mayor of Taipei in December 1998, setting the stage for a run for higher office.Ma Ying-jeou and Ma family clan together so said, Ma Ying-jeou can not forget the origin of ma family, often speak of “fufeng” hall, should not be easy.But ma Jia Zhuang, hidden in the maple trees of Tongxiao Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan, is too small to contain the ma family’s long history, let alone the grand ambition of Ma Ying-jeou’s father to embrace the world.In fact, Ma Ying-jeou should be like his father, not only adhere to the majiazhuang to worship ancestors, but also to Hunan to worship ancestors, but also to the history of Jiangxi, Shaanxi to recognize ancestors and return to the roots, especially to the “Fufeng Hall” he often talked about the roots of Shaanxi to fufeng worship.In addition, they should not only offer sacrifices to the ancestors of the Ma family, but also go to Handan, Hebei province, to offer sacrifices to the ancestors of the Zhao family.Of course, ancestor worship, form is one aspect, the heart of the family identity is more important.I hope That Ma Ying-jeou can pass on and carry forward this good habit of family loyalty. I hope that more Taiwan compatriots do not forget their hometown, their ancestors, do not forget where their roots are, and can keep their roots in their hearts.As the saying goes, I am a cow