Annual report fresh!Fund companies make money which strong! Nancai broadcast

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{{mpId=620}}· Ending three consecutive weeks of net outflows, NBI bought more than 22.9 billion yuan of A-shares this week, and increased its holdings of wine, banking and other sectors. In terms of net buying amount, NBI increased its holdings of 74 industries, among which the wine industry was the first with A net buying amount of 3.194 billion yuan, followed by the banking industry with A net buying amount of 2.64 billion yuan.Nbi reduced its holdings in 26 sectors, led by medical services with a net sale of 799 million yuan, followed by traditional Chinese medicine with a net sale of 540 million yuan.On April 1, Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, took over as huawei’s rotating chairwoman, according to the company’s official website.According to the company’s rotating chairman system, Hu Houkun will be the rotating chairman from April 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022.The rotating chairman is the top leader of Huawei during his term of office and presides over the board of directors and the standing committee of the Board of Directors.{{mpId=1149}}Fund company makes money which strong?According to incomplete statistics, as of April 1, in the fund company’s annual report has been disclosed, Yi Fangda fund became the most profitable fund company in 2021 with a net profit of 4.535 billion yuan.In addition, a number of fund companies, including Huitianfu Fund, ICBC Credit Suisse Fund, Guangfa Fund and Wells Fargo Fund, posted net profits of more than 2 billion yuan last year.{{mpId=237}}· The most cost-effective vacation ever?Big data, an online travel platform, shows that the average price paid by economy class for air tickets from April 1 to April 6 is 546 yuan, nearly 20% lower than last year, and this year’s qingming holiday ticket price is the lowest in the past three years.CAPSE’s Travel Intention Index (TWI) analysis for April 2022 also showed that passengers’ intention to travel decreased significantly in April compared to March, with policies related to epidemic prevention being the main reason for passengers not to travel.{{mpId=614}} a number of “public offering top flow” optimistic view of the market: the current market volatility is only a small bloom since the year, the market as a whole has a relatively large retreat.In this regard, Liu Gesong, deputy general manager of Gf Fund, said that the market retreat since the beginning of the year reflects the market’s worried expectations: One is the expectation of this year’s macroeconomic growth, the market generally believes that it is still in the stage of credit easing has not fully played its role;Second, concerns about the impact of interest rate hikes overseas, especially by the Federal Reserve.Third, the uncertainty of the international environment caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the rapid rise of energy prices have raised concerns about the pressure of rising global costs in the future.The fourth is the capital, when the market volatility, part of the capital trading behavior intensified some trading crowded plate callback.Xing Zheng Global fund vice general manager Xie Zhiyu also said that inflation and raw material prices, the domestic epidemic, the tense international situation and so on have brought greater difficulties to the market.But at the same time, many “top flow of public fundraising” also pointed out that hitting the bottom on the other side is a rebound.{{mpId=325}} Song Qinghui: The current A-share market is more suitable for advance layout although in terms of the current environment, many things are affecting the whole body, China’s economy may have A lot of direct and indirect impact, but our daily life is limited.However, in the short term, due to the impact of the epidemic, China’s GDP in the first quarter of this year is likely to be lower than previously expected, and the current pressure on A-shares is also the digestion of economic data in advance.According to shenzhen’s plans to stimulate consumption, the economy of all provinces and cities will be repaired in an orderly manner after the epidemic is brought under control, which will surely relieve market pressure and stabilize the stock market in the later period.Therefore, the current layout is more suitable for advance, considering the current various hot flying, all kinds of topics have speculation topics, it is recommended to pay attention to the weight and stagflation stocks in the short term.{{mpId=155}} Mr. Cheng on the market: Popular track is cold, unpopular industry is popular, why?Recently, the market index level repeatedly bottom, hot track continued to shock trend, in the overall weak pattern, some early neglected unpopular industries, such as coal, real estate, traditional Chinese medicine and banks, but strong, making money effect is quite obvious.Why?It should be pointed out that this situation is not an accidental phenomenon, but an inevitable result of market movements.This is mainly affected by two factors, one is the industry cycle factor, no industry will always be in a high prosperity state, no industry will always be in a depressed state.Second, the market cycle drives plate rotation.How long will this last?{{mpId=501}} “Ice cantonese style” suddenly popular, young people began to do herbal tea?By analyzing the popular path of “Bingguang style”, I found three ideas for making explosive products: 1. Find “labels with memory points”.This round of “ice Canton style” hot, and its similar “ice American” name is related to.It is called “bingguang style”, which is to use coffee to quickly label a cup of product with memory.In the past year, coffee has attracted increasing attention, and its binding with ice American style has made this cup of “iced tea” of communication value, and also increased the marketing space.2. Learn from the concept of herbal tea and explore new elements in traditional drinks.This year, with the well-known taste to do innovation, present a new taste, bring different value points, has become a new trend in beverage shops.3. The biggest attraction of “Bingguang style” to consumers is to find cultural identity and a sense of belonging to their hometown.{{mpId=597}} Perovskite, the ultimate answer to the photovoltaic revolution?As the conversion efficiency of perovskite cells continues to break through the extreme, the industry generally regards it as the “superstar” leading the future development of photovoltaic industry.When Japanese scientists first used perovskite photovoltaic cells to generate electricity in 2009, the efficiency was just 3.8 percent. Just a decade later, in 2019, the performance of perovskite cells soared to 25 percent.In November 2021, the Helmholtz Center in Berlin developed a perovskite tandem cell with a conversion efficiency of 29.8%, the highest ever recorded for a perovskite cell.It is worth noting that this record exceeds the efficiency limit of the current most efficient heterojunction, TOPCon and other crystal silicon technologies, which will be a few streets away from other technology routes for thin film batteries.It can be said that in terms of energy conversion efficiency, perovskite has knocked the crystal silicon cell, raising the photovoltaic energy to a new height.So is perovskite the end of the photovoltaic revolution?For more information, please download the 21 Finance APP