The integration of physical and health care will push forward the prevention and control of chronic diseases

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In order to promote the health pass forward, accelerate the construction of sports and health departments cooperation, the whole society to participate in the new mode of sports to promote health, recently, the provincial sports bureau of sports science Institute director Xue Liang and 4 people came to our center to talk and exchange with the relevant personnel of the institute of chronic diseases.At present, public health awareness has been significantly improved, and the rate of physical exercise has risen, bringing the cause of national fitness into a new stage.Who fused adhere to the “health” concept, advocated by exercise to prevent diseases, the core is health to provide ideas and methods, sports provide measures and means of integration of sports and health of two systems of all kinds of resources, with the thinking of health method and improve the knowledge induction and summary in the daily life of practical exercise methods,To establish different exercise prescription banks for different diseases, different populations and different environments, and explore effective ways to improve the health of the whole people.At present, there are still some problems in the aspect of physical and health integration in our province, such as insufficient classification guidance, insufficient knowledge popularization, lack of composite talents, and unintegrated instructors.During the discussion and exchange meeting, the provincial institute of physical science and the provincial institute of chronic diseases clarified the preliminary intention of the exploration of physical and health integration in 2022 :(1) clear pilot first, and orderly carry out physical and health integration.Some areas will be selected as a pilot project for integrating physical and health care, relying on health support environments such as gyms and smart health houses for the people, and adopting the model of combining medical diagnosis and treatment with scientific exercise to provide people with appropriate exercise promotion services.(2) Innovation of chronic disease intervention, exercise to promote the integration of physical and health.Through professional medical diagnosis, physical fitness measurement, physical fitness assessment and other methods, “tailored” exercise program for patients with diabetes and other slow patients, professional doctors conduct exercise risk assessment and issue exercise prescription, adopt the “three prescription” intervention mode of medical treatment, diet, exercise, to increase the therapeutic effect.(3) Strengthen professional training and promote the integration of “dual instructors” talent teams.Relying on the health and medical structure at the grassroots level, building a team of talents integrated with health and medical care;Jointly carrying out the cultivation of “dual instructors”, creating a series of training courses including health management, basic medical and first aid courses, scientific fitness guidance and other contents.”Strengthening physical and health integration” was included in the “Key Points of work for Solid Promotion of High-quality Development and Construction of Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone in 2022”. Through this meeting, sports and health technical guidance departments jointly explored the physical and health integration mechanism starting from the exercise intervention pilot for chronic disease patients and the cultivation of “dual instructors”.We will give full play to the positive role of health integration in health promotion, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and rehabilitation, ensure people’s health in an all-round and whole-cycle manner, and promote common prosperity by promoting the demonstration of quality and sharing of public services.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: