The story behind the mountain children arriving at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is heartwarming

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing on February 4.This is the children singing the Olympic anthem.Pure, ethereal children’s voice sounded, 44 children from the depths of Taihang Mountain sang the Greek Olympic song “Ode to the Olympics” in the voice of nature.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics touched people’s hearts deeply.The malan Children’s Chorus is from a village primary school in Fuping county, Baoding city, Hebei Province.Fuping county was once a typical poverty-stricken area, with only 0.96 mu of arable land per capita. “Nine mountains, half water, half land” is a true portrayal of the whole mountainous area and county.However, in such a poor mountainous area, a seed of music was planted very early.Since 2004, deng Xiaolan, a pensioner, has been teaching music to children in Malan village, Fuping County, hoping to brighten their childhood with music.More than a decade ago, fuping county did not have access to the highway. Every time Deng Xiaolan arrived at Malan Village, she would take a long-distance bus and then transfer to a bus, jolting for more than seven hours, in order to give the children in the mountain village a authentic music lesson.Deng Xiaolan poses backstage with the children of the Malan Orchid Children’s Vocal Choir.She was surprised to find that the children, who had never been exposed to music before, were actually talented and could sing a song completely after just a few lessons.After teaching one after another, seeing the children learn faster and sing better and better, Deng Xiaolan was happy in her heart.Since then, she has moved violin, electronic organ, accordion, clarinet, trumpet and other instruments from Beijing and stayed here for more than half of the year to accompany her children’s growth. It has been nearly 18 years now.In 2013, a special malan Children’s Music Festival – Malan Forest Concert was staged in the quiet valley of Malan Village.Deng Xiaolan, who initiated the event, said she hoped to hold such a concert for the children in the mountains so that they could feel the charm of music and touch their hearts with music.Deng Xiaolan sings Auld Lang Syne with children from Malan village at the Malan Children’s Music Festival in 2013.The children walked out of the mountains to the bird’s Nest for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Will it be more conducive to children’s memory if you mark out the songs according to the sound corresponding to the international Phonetic Alphabet and put them into phonics and pronunciation?”During the language training for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Deng Xiaolan also accompanied the children, while learning to sing songs, while discussing with the Greek teacher suitable for children to remember the lyrics of the method, and strive for them to sing every pronunciation has reached the standard.On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium.Dressed in tiger clothes and shoes, the children of the mountains sang the Olympic anthem in Greek.In the song, the Olympic flag rose slowly, flying high with the five-star red flag.”Malan’s child has gone to the world!When the opening ceremony of the clear voice of children sounded, deng Xiaolan sitting in the audience wanted to tell his father the news.Malan village was home to one of the forerunners of the People’s Daily, the Jin-Chah-Ji Daily.Deng Xiaolan’s father is deng Tuo, the former president of the Shanxi Cha-Ji Daily.Deng Xiaolan was born in 1943 in Yijiazhuang Village, Fuping County. After her birth, she was foetted in a fellow villager’s home near Malan Village for three years.Now, deng Xiaolan, nearly 80 years old, accompanied the children of this small mountain village, walked to the world.Deng Xiaolan introduced malan Village band members.The first group of students she taught have all graduated from university. She pointed to the children in the photos and introduced them one by one: “This is Sun Zhixue, who majored in music in North University for Nationalities and is continuing to study flute in university.This is Bai Baopeng, who went to a normal college and is now engaged in preschool quality education.”His words were filled with happiness and pride.Music inspires hearts and changes villages.With the children growing up in the mountains, there is a greater symphony of poverty alleviation in Fuping County.At the beginning of 2014, 164 of the county’s 209 administrative villages were poor, accounting for 78.5 percent of the total.There were 108,100 people living in poverty, with a poverty rate of 54.37%.In February 2020, Fuping County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, was lifted out of poverty.(Shen Yaxin, Zhang Jihang)