Wu Dajing champion behind too hard!The mother admitted that she was a stranger to her son and the only thing she wanted was safety

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Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu won the mixed short-track speed skating team relay to win China’s first gold medal at these Winter Olympics.In the semifinals, The Chinese team was interfered by the opponent and only won the third place in the group. However, the referee ruled foul by the United States and The Russian Olympic team through replay, and the Chinese team narrowly escaped to the final.The final process is also very thrilling, the first half of the Chinese team has been in the role of the pursuer, Ren Ziwei and Qu Chunyu in the middle of the completion of the surpass, Wu Dajing took the lead in the line, The Chinese team thrilling victory.This gold medal is hard-won, after the interview, the four Chinese team collective tears, Wu Dajing covered his face with tears, Fan Kexin was also choked with tears, revealed that the training of the throat and even practice bleeding.Wu dajing’s mother, in an interview, also revealed some unknown details.Wu dajing’s mother said wu dajing had previously revealed that he did not intend to retire, and that he would have to continue training after the Olympic Games for one or two months, mainly depending on the needs of the country.Currently said that Wu Dajing stayed with her for 14 years, she admitted that sometimes her son are a little strange.In the eyes of the mother Wu Dajing is a child, but his life what feel mature too mature.Because the training is very busy, Wu Dajing initiated the call when very few, generally the mother took the initiative to call him, feel that the point is almost the rest, he sent a wechat, back to prove that there is time, not back is busy.I have been busy with training recently, so I don’t know his schedule now. I will try not to disturb him before the competition.The Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing will participate in a number of projects for the competition, but currently for Wu Dajing’s results and not too great expectations, she did not even know That Wu Dajing will participate in several projects, also never asked, her biggest expectations is Wu Dajing’s safety, poor world parents heart.