A bite of food is safe in Beijing’s winter Olympics hotels

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During the Beijing Winter Olympics, haidian district will have two competition venues (Capital Stadium and Wukesong Sports Center) and three training venues (Shouti figure skating training center, speed skating training center and Wukesong ice Training Center) in use.February 17, the reporter learned from Haidian District, the district has a total of 28 catering service points to protect 10 groups except athletes, including Olympic family members, international technical officials, boCOG staff, volunteers and other groups, since the small closed loop on January 4, as of February 16, has guaranteed a total of 209,713 meals.More than 260 catering support vehicles were dispatched to provide rear support for the smooth operation of the Winter Olympic Games.The picture shows the staff of Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau conducting supervision.Beijing Zhenda Catering Service Co., LTD., one of the group dining distribution companies in Haidian district, provides meals for the staff of wukesong venues in Haidian district for the Winter Olympics, Feb. 17, 2018.Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau staff came to the scene, the enterprise in cooking and processing, cleaning and disinfection, morning and afternoon inspection, food sample retention, meal distribution, cold storage management and other links for supervision.”We conduct whole-chain risk checks on key links such as purchase, processing, tableware disinfection and dining out, and urge timely rectification when problems are found.”Haidian District Market supervision bureau winter Olympics food safety service guarantee group deputy leader Xia Pingping said, market supervision departments focus on the finished product of the center temperature standard, meal process is in line with the requirements, transportation and distribution can ensure food safety.”There are strict time limits for food processing, transportation, distribution and temperature. There are strict standards for food center temperature. Every batch is tested and meals are implemented.We require the food to be served within four hours from serving to eating under the premise that the central temperature is not less than 60℃.”Xia pingping said that the supervision staff daily on food ingredients pesticide residue, disinfectant concentration ratio, tableware cleanliness, central temperature and other continuous testing, timely investigation of food safety risks, protect the safety of the tongue.At the same time, in order to fulfill the requirements of epidemic prevention, nucleic acid tests will be carried out once a day for cold-chain food workers and their co-residents.The picture shows the temperature detection of meals, requiring that the central temperature of meals should not be less than 60℃.Qianlong net reporter Liu Meijun photo according to statistics, since January 23 at 4 in the morning, Beijing real food service Co., Ltd. point officially into the protection of finished product processing and distribution of food work stage.The company serves three meals a day, each serving about 500 people.As of 14:00 on February 15, more than 9,400 people were served meals by way of food delivery.Reporters on the scene learned that the Haidian District Bureau of Commerce strictly implemented the winter Olympics organizing Committee menu requirements, no duplicate every day, 8 days a cycle.Among them, the daily breakfast of staff includes milk, egg, sausage, steamed stuffed bun, all kinds of bread and coarse grain and so on 6 categories;Lunch and dinner include 4 kinds of hot dishes, 4 kinds of staple food, 3 kinds of soup and porridge and dairy products.In addition, there are pickles, side dishes, fruits and drinks, the variety of meals is relatively rich.In addition, the international technical officer meal follows international conventions, adding western staple food, main courses and refreshments, to further meet the needs of western food.The big family meals of the Olympic Games involve the protection of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee officials and important guests from various countries, catering and refreshments are more diversified.In terms of meal configuration, the menu requires a combination of meat and vegetable dishes, nutrition and Chinese and Western food. A certain proportion can be adjusted according to actual needs, and meat and vegetable dishes can be adjusted according to the competition cycle and dietary rules, so as to not only “eat well”, but also eat more healthy and nutritious food.”In addition to the planned security, catering is also provided according to the needs of different groups at the venue.For example, we made vegetarian meals for the ioc staff on site to meet their vegetarian needs.Provide packaged meals for the training centre;Provide venue catering services for drivers in the field of transportation;We will adjust meals and extend service hours for staff in conflict events to meet the different needs of different groups.”Xia Pingping told reporters.