Carry out publicity along the street shops, improve the awareness of fire safety

2022-06-19 0 By

In order to effectively do a good job along the street store fire hazard investigation work, further enhance the area along the street merchants fire safety awareness, recently, Yangquan city fire rescue detachment of suburban brigade publicity staff in-depth area along the street stores to issue fire publicity materials, popularize fire knowledge, carry out “sweep the street” type fire safety publicity.During the publicity period, the publicity personnel went from street to street and explained fire safety common sense to the merchant owners in easy to understand language from door to door, and explained fire safety accident cases caused by careless use of illegal electrical appliances and throwing cigarette butts to the merchant owners about the hazards of fire.Remind business owners to regularly check whether the wiring of the shop is aging, whether the fire extinguishing equipment can be used normally, etc.At the same time, it also explains how to use fire and gas correctly, how to put out the initial fire, and how to save oneself and escape.The fire safety publicity, a total of more than 50 copies of publicity materials, benefiting more than 80 people.Next, yangquan city fire rescue detachment suburban brigade will continue to carry out various forms of fire publicity activities, to provide a good fire safety environment for the stability of the fire situation in the area.Source: Yangquan Fire Department