Don’t get too angry about “RSVP” to your work group

2022-06-19 0 By

Do work group messages have to be answered in a timely manner?It’s a topic that gets a lot of discussion on social media, and there’s a new example.A guangdong company has been fined 200 yuan for failing to respond to a group message, according to Internet reports.In this regard, the company replied: indeed this matter, according to the rules and regulations to deal with.The topic “the company fined employees 200 yuan for not replying to group messages” became a hot topic on the Internet.Many netizens felt the company was “overbearing” and thought its employees were punished too innocently.It is understandable that the majority of workers have empathy and solidarity on such matters.To be honest, anyone who is forced to go back to work, especially at the end of the day, will instinctively resist.But it has more to do with the changing nature and system of work.Although we are emotionally defiant and rationally aware, I am afraid we must also respond rationally to the demands of the new situation.The reality is that communication software, including workgroups, is an essential element of the workplace itself.Replying to messages is no longer a harmless act of “surfing the web,” but has serious professional implications.Responding to memes can be legally binding in some judicial decisions, but let’s face it: online communication and work are inextricably linked.Of course, people don’t like it when work information intrudes into their personal space, but the nature of so much work is such that we can’t get rid of it, and it’s just not practical to divide messaging software and work into two.And, on the other hand, it is precisely the convenience of communication technology, the instant feedback of work information, that makes many jobs exist.Jobs in IT, media, and marketing, for example, are constantly changing, and IT’s hard to imagine how these industries could exist if job information couldn’t be communicated at any time.Another example is that some enterprises recently announced the implementation of the 3+2 mode, working three days from one week to the next. This kind of freedom is also built on another kind of non-freedom — the instant and even any time processing of information.After thinking about this, we can understand that wechat group and various communication apps may also be the prerequisite for creating this job.A very simple example is the editor updating hot channels for news APP. If the information cannot be conveyed and replied in time, does this post still exist?Industries vary so much that you don’t have to take sides when it comes to whether or not you can return your work group messages.Of course, this does not mean that people should be kidnapped by messaging apps and have to be on duty 24 hours a day.However, rather than looking at the work group emotionally, it is better to make reasonable agreement on how to use the work group according to the work content and the nature of the industry, so as to reach a consensus among employees.For example, messages should be answered clearly, and shifts should be taken to ensure that some groups are available at all times, while others can rest.Such rules may be trivial, but they are better than ill-defined clusters of work that lead to conflict.Going back to the story, the company has created some rules and regulations to emphasize the way work groups are used.To be honest, this is a realistic approach, and it’s better to be upfront than to improvise.However, whether this provision itself is reasonable will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.For instance this is to have a holiday notice obviously, do not look what seasonable reply is necessary, still buckle money because of this, also hard to avoid lets a person feel have perverse common sense, unreasonable.In short, employers and employees do not need to be coy about the rules of the work group. They should discuss the rules generously to gain mutual understanding and clear consensus. They do not need to be angry when they see “please reply received”.Of course, we hope that the function of communication software is “chat” rather than “report”, “circle of friends” rather than “workplace circle”, but the reality has proved that communication software is indispensable in the work, so it is more important to form more rational and clear rules, so that everyone can know what is more important.(The Paper)