Jilin 2 public universities have what schools

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For each student, could go to a ideal university is more important than anything, so at the end of the college entrance examination, the next step is to consider how to application, the application must have a detailed understanding to the school before, take jilin 2 public university, for instance, jilin 2 what are the public university school?Jilin Jianzhu University is a key institution of higher learning in Jilin Province, which focuses on engineering and features civil engineering. With the mutual support and coordinated development of science, engineering, liberal arts, management, law, art, economics and other disciplines, the employment rate and employment quality of its graduates remain at a high level.It has been rated as “Advanced collective of Employment management for college graduates in Jilin Province” for many times.Changchun normal university, changchun normal university is the important basic education teachers in jilin province and applied senior specialized talents training base, is a doctorate awarded provincial normal university, the research of the application of the existing school 1 “Dr Service national special needs of high-level personnel training project”, 12 first-level discipline master academic degree authorization centers,Six professional master’s degree authorization categories.Jilin Police College Jilin Police College is a full-time provincial public security undergraduate college, which has been approved as a provincial pilot university for comprehensive reform of “three integrity education” and the innovation and development center of ideological and Political work in provincial colleges and universities.Public security science and public security technology have won the characteristic high-level discipline of Jilin Province.Baicheng Normal University baicheng Normal University is the only provincial undergraduate university in western Jilin. The university focuses on the characteristics of scientific research and has 16 provincial scientific research platforms, such as “Key Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry”, “Baicheng Saline Land Treatment Engineering Technology Center”, “Tongyu New Year Painting Art Research Center” and “Tang Honglu Jing Stone Cutting Research Center”.