Officer xuan!The latest car warranty rate ranking, fit championship, Corolla third, domestic defeat

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Introduction: With the rapid upgrading of the automobile, consumers pay more attention to the car warranty rate, so in the domestic car market, which models are relatively value-preserving?According to the latest saloon retention rankings, Japanese cars are doing well, with Fit, Civic and Camry holding their value well, while Toyota Corolla, Toyota Asia Dragon, Honda Accord and Nissan Teana are also at the top of the list.German cars also made A strong showing, with the MINI and Polo rounding out the top five, while Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series also held their value.And our domestic car is a fiasco, none of the models on the list.Officer xuan!The latest car resale value ranking, fit, corolla third, domestic defeat 1, small cars resale value of the top five is Honda fit, Toyota YARiS L to dazzle, MINI, Toyota vios and Volkswagen Polo, Honda fit for excellent quality reputation performance won the favour of consumers, third years resale value is close to 80%,Toyota S Chih Hyun and Volkswagen s Polo are both worth more than 60 percent.Toyota Vios and MINI are also holding their own. Although their market performance is relatively mediocre, they also have many fans because of their excellent product strength and high appearance level.2. The TOP5 in the retention rate of compact cars (below 200,000 yuan) are Honda civic, Honda jade, Toyota corolla, nissan TiiDA and hyundai fiesta. Honda civic wins the title again, while Toyota corolla only ranks third, with the retention rate of Toyota corolla less than 70%.The top five compact cars with warranty rates (over 200,000 yuan) are BMW 2-Series, Volkswagen Golf (imported), Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes CLA and Lexus CT, with three-year warranty rates of around 70%.3, a mid-sized sedan resale value of the top five is (below 300000), the Toyota camry, Asian dragons, Honda accord, Toyota nissan and Honda INSPIRE music, five models all Japanese cars, and sales performance is very good, the camry accord pressure, nissan teana ranked fifth, resale value is less than 70%, and that kind of a surprise.The top five mid-size sedans are audi S4, Audi S5, Lexus IS, Mercedes C-class (imported) and BMW 4 Series, which are not common models.4. The TOP5 middle and large sedans with warranty rates are lexus ES, Mercedes e-class, BMW 5 series, Mercedes e-class (imported) and BMW 5 series (imported), whose warranty rates are all above 70%. However, surprisingly, domestic models of Mercedes e-class and BMW 5 series are even more valuable than imported models.Finally, there are the TOP5 large cars in terms of warranty rate, followed by Panamera, maybach s-class, Mercedes s-class, lexus LS and audi A8. The gap between them is very large, with Panamera exceeding 90% and audi A8 only 60%.Summary of this paper:That is in the fourth quarter of 2021 sedan cars resale value list, fit, civic, camry, lexus ES and win the market segment, eve and Toyota corolla only third, losing to the Toyota camry, Honda accord and the most painful is, our car had no models into the list, is really bombed again.