Protest against russophobia!Chanel has been accused of discriminating against Russian consumers after Russian women posted videos of themselves cutting bags

2022-06-19 0 By

Russian women are filming themselves cutting off expensive Chanel bags to protest against the brand’s ban on them buying new products, the Daily Mail reported Monday.Chanel not only pulled out of Russia after the conflict broke out, but also asked Russians shopping abroad to sign a pledge that they would not wear or display the brand in Russia, the report said.Russian consumers have now lashed out at Chanel for what they see as russophobia.Marina Emoshkina, a 28-year-old TV presenter and actress, expressed her anger to her nearly 300,000 followers on social media, the report said.”There is no product or brand worth my love and pride for my country,” She said, according to the report, which quoted Hermoshkina as cutting her Chanel bag with industrial scissors while expressing her dissatisfaction.I am against Russophobia and the brands that support it.If owning Chanel means selling out, I don’t need Chanel.”Emoshkina continued: “We were the face of this brand, and we dreamed of owning this bag since we were little.But no object or brand can surpass my love for my country and my pride.Chanel was just an accessory, and at some point it decided to shame my people.And nationality discrimination. I will not tolerate it.”Another Russian woman, DJ Katia Gusva, 39, who has more than 580,000 followers on social media, told them: “We Russian women are amazing without Chanel – we know it, Chanel knows it, the whole world knows it.”People walk past stores of major chain brands in the business district of Moscow, Russia, March 8, 2022.Meanwhile, Russian women — models, travel bloggers, businessmen, designers — have been Posting online videos saying “no” to Chanel, the report said.On April 1, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Chanel of having decided to join a “Russophobic campaign” to “cancel Russia”, the Daily Mail noted.Zakharova went on to bring up coco Chanel’s association with Nazi Germany, the “Third Reich”, to hit back at Chanel.Chanel was a “collaborator and agent of the Third Reich” during World War II, zakharova said. She was known for her ties to elements of the French puppet government and was identified as an “agent” of the Nazi intelligence service Abwehr, code-named F-7124.Zakharova also claimed that Coco Chanel sold the line of its famous Chanel No. 5 perfume to Jewish entrepreneurs before world War II, but when the war broke out, it used Nazi anti-Semitism to try to get back the right to sell the perfume.(Edit: WDQ)