Scanning of Spring Festival cultural activities in Qinzhou District, Tianshui City

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– new tianshui journalists Liu Lei for better carrying forward the culture of the games and the Olympic spirit, to celebrate the New Year, build tsinchow culture year festive atmosphere, enrich the spiritual and cultural life, broad masses tsinchow brings honor to “the games are annual, spring green yumenguan” and “prosperous in the qin state” two big cultural theme, qin state style and tourism will be celebrating the New Year calendar year of radio, film and television entertainment programs to filter,Elaborately arranged and created to form a complete set of boutique series, through online push and display, qinzhou citizens are presented with a wonderful and unique festival cultural feast, and further enrich the mass cultural life during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, Qinzhou District Library set up a live broadcast room and held a series of interviews on Qinzhou culture, “Celebrating the Spring Festival with traditional Culture • Celebrating the Spring Festival in Yunzhou Hometown”. Each interview lasted about 20 minutes.Interview programs have a variety of forms. There are seven large units of Spring Festival culture series interviews and location live broadcasts, starting from New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the first lunar month.Spring Festival food Tianshui buckle bowl;Guqin interview “Wei Shui Qiu Sheng”;Section;• Outdoor scene of Fuxi Temple lion dance;History and culture include martial arts programs, Li Guang culture, Xiguan Ancient Town Square and Su Hui culture;Opera interviews;Music class, a wanderer, loess, the guanshanyue poems and distant and strange plot, invites well-known folk experts, cultural scholars, the city of qin culture and customs in three kingdoms culture, dialect culture, culture, famous celebrities, the heritage of traditional arts, heritage, ancient cultural relics to broadcast live on and the audience interaction,And released through toutiao, Douyin, Kuaishou, Tencent News, Sina Weibo, wechat official account, Tianshui Online and other new media.It aims to let the children of Qinzhou experience the hometown flavor of haunting dreams, return to the familiar New Year custom scene, feel the various folk customs on the network platform, and create a strong Qinzhou New Year flavor.Qinzhou District Bureau of Culture and Tourism held a series of cultural volunteer service activities of “Hundreds of calligraphy and ink to Ten thousand Households”, “Calligraphy and Ink fragrance, Auspicious Tiger Welcome New Year” — Into the community, Into the blessing, calligraphy and painting send Spring Festival couplets “.During the Spring Festival approaching, to enrich the cultural life of the masses and to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, the qin state cultural center to undertake “hundred” calligraphy give wanhu — into the rural community, into the winter jasmine fortune to series of painting and calligraphy to send Spring Festival couplets culture volunteer service activities, respectively, in the seven block streets, stone horse ping street, imprison son town, town centre sill kick off,A total of 1,500 pieces of Spring Festival couplets and more than 280 pieces of calligraphy and painting works were presented to the residents.Qinzhou Library, Qinzhou District Museum also invited calligrapher and calligraphy lovers to write a pair of artistic Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu”, for readers and tourists to send Spring Festival couplets to send wishes, calligraphy to welcome the New Year, a total of more than 500 sets of Spring Festival couplets and “fu”.By carrying forward and passing on the fine traditional Chinese culture, we send our New Year’s greetings to readers, tourists and residents, expressing our good wishes to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.Cultural volunteers to every place, the activity scene is a piece of laughter, full of thick cultural atmosphere, well carry forward the inheritance of a long history of traditional festival culture, add a festive atmosphere, so that the New Year flavor of Qinzhou stronger.Qin state library for cultivating and practicing the socialist core values, to carry out the reading activities, further carry forward the traditional culture, the education ideas and culture of the library functions, the qin state library to activities as an opportunity to meet the reading needs of community residents, improve cultural literacy is supposed decline, to promote the extensive reading activities as the goal,The event of “Bookish Welcome to the Winter Olympics • Happy New Year” — sending books to communities and towns; the 2022 Spring Festival Cultural activity benefiting the people; and giving away more than 500 books to communities.The books sent to the rich content, family education, health knowledge, Xinhua abstract, children’s books and use of knowledge, cultural entertainment and other five categories, the activity has been the majority of the people love and praise.In addition, the Qinzhou District Library also held the poetry recitation of “Charm ice and snow • Realizing the Dream of the Winter Olympics”.The recital includes works that carry forward the Olympic spirit and eulogize the new era, red content that carries forward the revolutionary tradition and shows the feelings of the family and the country, as well as literary and art poems and classical poetry recitations.The colorful content and the healthy and optimistic spirit of the reciter complement each other, encouraging the Winter Olympic Games and sending poetic wishes for the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival this year, the Qinzhou District Museum launched a social and educational activity with the theme of “Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Museum • Saying tiger in the Year of tiger”.During the activity, invite pupils, kindergarten children and parents together at the museum of the qin state ancient furniture exhibition series of parent-child activities, including visiting the museum, the interpretation of the cultural relics of pottery tomb tiger town animal characteristics and cultural connotation, the staff about the characteristics of the tiger, zodiac story, allusions and idioms, do a little tiger paper cutting, etc.In the activity, the museum staff led children and parents to visit the district museum, understand the collection of cultural relics, let everyone have a new understanding of qinzhou regional history and culture knowledge.And through “I ask you answer”, the scene to create tiger as the theme of Chinese painting works, let everyone know more about the “tiger” idiom story, feel the thick flavor of the New Year.During the Spring Festival, people paste various paper-cut window decorations on their Windows to add a strong festive atmosphere to the Festival.Pasting Spring Festival couplets and cutting window cuts are the traditional customs of the Chinese nation during the Spring Festival, which also inherits the traditional culture and spirit.Exquisite and festive paper-cuts not only add to the festive atmosphere of the New Year, but also show people’s good wishes to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year.On the occasion of celebrating the Spring Festival and welcoming the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the beautiful Qingjuan Ski Resort will hold a grand “Celebrating the Spring Festival and welcoming the Winter Olympic Games with warm feelings of ice and snow” and qingjuan Mountain Ski Resort’s Spring Festival cultural tourism preferential activity.The activity implements the grand goal of “300 million people participating in ice and snow sports” proposed by General Secretary Xi. Under the favorable atmosphere of 2022 Winter Olympic Games, people can walk into ice and snow and experience ice and snow.To celebrate the Spring Festival and welcome the Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity, vigorously carry out qingjuan Mountain ski resort series of preferential activities to benefit the people.There are more than 10 kinds of preferential package tickets, such as skiing and hot spring, garden hotel and green Cuckoo New Year, eating delicious food and enjoying aurora, etc., to meet the needs of different tourists.At the same time, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, Qingjuan Mountain International Leisure Tourism Resort will continue to hold a series of colorful activities such as ice and Snow World, Gourmet Festival and Spring Festival Gala.In addition, Qinzhou District Bureau of Culture and Tourism organized a 5-day 2022 “Running Bar • Youth” themed fitness activity for children and teenagers and Tianshui Longyou Martial Arts Youth Sports Winter Camp.Activities to martial arts teaching, skiing skill learning, children’s physical training, youth outdoors diathesis development and life common sense and safety knowledge learning, through fully enclosed winter sports activities, to improve the children’s independent ability, temper the will quality, strengthening the unity cooperation, cultivate the teenage children playing sports consciousness,Develop a good habit of loving physical exercise and further improve physical quality.