Wuxi Yuantouzhu impression ten years ago

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The first time I saw Taihu Lake, it was as expected.Often heard that taihu beauty, today finally see taihu water.As the third largest freshwater lake, 400 kilometers in circumference makes it possible to see as far as the eye can see.Water quality fair, no algae found floating.Governance is effective. You get what you put in.Come to Taihu Lake, mainly to visit yuantouzhu scenic area.Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.The combination of learning and practice, really long insight, to taihu lake to learn a word.Soft-shelled turtle (soft-shelled turtle), I have never seen it before. If you want to remember the name of the turtle quickly, please name it “soft-shelled pig”.It was later revealed that the turtle turtle was named turtle and the turtle Turtle Turtle was a land like turtle head.Standing at the turtle’s head, I really wanted to ask who on earth gave such a name, which made many tourists want to say but stop, looking at the three words on the door, I was really not sure.I heard next to a loud: electric bean.If you come to Wuxi, you must visit Taihu Lake, and you must visit Turtle Head.This turtle head has the reputation of the first scenic spot in Taihu Lake.Stepping on the turtle head, the mountain flowers are in full bloom, the air is filled with bursts of fragrance, the warm breath of Taihu lake on the face, really feel refreshed, intoxicating.Taihu lake is boundless in the distance, and the beautiful scenery can be seen from a close perspective.Ancient tree stone carvings scattered, bridge water full of artistic conception.Just visiting is not enough; three months might be better.In the scenic area, met groups of lovely dolls, should be wuxi, certainly not Xinjiang.Believe they can come every year, let a person envy.I raised the camera, the crowd instantly POSS, a strong sense of the mirror, with performance potential, highlight the style of everyone.The little barang all over the floor should be an activity organized by the school, and it is estimated that there is no need to pay for it. The dolls in Wuxi are very proud.The children are indeed very happy to see such a beautiful view often.The cherry blossoms are shown in the picture below.Turtle head, known as China’s first cherry.It doesn’t matter whether the first or the first, Japan is relatively respected cherry blossom, we don’t need to rank first or second.Say again that wu university cherry blossom willing to?The Chinese character “Islet Islet Spring Tao” was originally written by Liu Chunlin, the number one scholar in the late Qing Dynasty.Liu Chunlin was the number one scholar in 1904, the 30th year of The Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. In the following year, emperor Guangxu abolished the imperial examination system. Therefore, Liu Chunlin claimed to be “the last among the first”.It seems that with the foundation of culture, the scenic spot has endless vitality, not to mention the title of the last champion.In the impression, jiangnan area is not only the number one, has always been the cradle of talent and beauty.Such as tang Bohu, Zhu Zhishan, Wen Zhengming, Xu Zhenqing.Such as beauty Li Xiangjun, Dong Xiaoyuan, Liu So, Li Shi Shi, Chen Yuanyuan.On the front side of the inscription on the No. 1 tablet are three powerful Chinese characters, made by qin Dunshi, a talented man in Wuxi.The copper turtle sculpture below should be a true portrayal of the terrain and landform of Yuantouzhu.To tell the truth, turtle head beautiful scenery, godsend beauty, but also the essence of taihu scenery.Together with Guo Moruo old gentleman “Taihu beautiful unique place, after all in turtle head” poem, more turtle head scenery infinite, yan pressure qunfang.”Ancestors have gone with the wave, here free taihu water”, gradually blurred history is such, no matter how wind, frost, rain and snow, after thousands of years of natural change, where to find the story of the year.But I believe that the charm of Taihu Lake will never be dimmed by the passage of time, and will surely shine even brighter in the new era.Perhaps, it is precisely because of the beautiful romantic love story of Fan Li and Xi Shi that Yuantouzhu looks very charming, so that countless tourists come and go. Perhaps, every tourist is looking for his own figure in Taihu Lake, even if it is not the pursuit of Xi Shi.The lake is too beautiful to be worth the trip.Some people, some things, in a glimpse of that moment is doomed to unforgettable.Taihu lake this day, has been waiting for you and me for thousands of years.