Japan’s trump card is provoking China C Rothschild!Intentionally hit people but escaped heavy punishment, a netizen scold

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China’s takasoru Minamano and Cristiano Rowe almost got into a scuffle during the 69th minute of their 2-0 defeat to Japan on Jan 27 (Beijing time).For those of you who saw the game, who did you think was more responsible, let us know in the comments below.Thank you.At the time of the game to play in the second, changed the WeiShiHao Li Xiaopeng et al., to strengthen the attack, WeiShiHao come up after the effect is very obvious, he lives on the left to take the ball to break through, but also played to a free-kick from Alan foot skill 4 free kick, that is the most beautiful among the Chinese team in the game’s shot,Missed the goal post by less than a meter.Shortly after that, however, to the opponent’s WeiShiHao revenge, in the process of stealing the ball, handball, the referee blew the whistle, WeiShiHao also can’t stop, the Japan’s midfielder south wild billiton real blunt come up, deliberately use left shoulder hit WeiShiHao, both the friction moment, beginning matches to spray trash talking.Referee Jassim rushed to separate the two men, but they soon regained their composure as it was a reunion for both of them.YaQingSai game in 2014, when WeiShiHao at the core of the Chinese team scored twice, it is also in the game today is similar to the location of the scored some goals, impressed by Japan, but Japan core is south of wild billiton real at that time, this is an enemy to meet particularly jealous, just come up to revenge, even if he has now been expensive for the premiership star,And Wei Shihao can only muddle through in the Super.Do not say however come back, be like wei Shihao so outstanding talent in China team not get reuse, it is really make a person feel clinking regret.WeiShiHao capability of ball blasting, if tactical revolves around him, the Chinese team may be more easy to form effective attack in front, we see in li3 tie3 period, however, in China there is no effective way, it is because some good players is not enough to respect, then the naturalization of some players from abroad and do not take the somebody else,Lead to Chinese football in the failure of the vortex of struggle and wandering.So now even if there is wei Shihao once overwhelmed nanye Tuo Shi’s outstanding talent, but only after a few years to let him reduced to the team’s chicken side.