Six people were detained according to law

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The reporter understands from the Beijing municipal public security bureau public security management team, Beijing released “on strengthening the Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympics in Beijing” low slow small “notice” for the management of aircraft since went into effect on January 28, 2022, the masses actively comply with the ban, but individual researchers remain fluky psychology, flight.Since Saturday, Beijing police have seized eight cases of flight violations, detained six people, warned one, and criticized and educated another.On the morning of January 28, a man in Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, illegally flew a drone, which was found by fangshan Branch and detained by the public security penalty. This is the first case detected by Beijing police since the implementation of the no-fly notice.Involved personnel Yang mou was patrol police on the spot.After investigation, Yang mou knew that the use of low and slow small aircraft in Beijing is prohibited to carry out recreational flight activities under the circumstances, holding a lucky psychology, using its online purchase of drones to carry out illegal aerial photography flight, Yang Was the administrative detention punishment of Fangshan Public Security Bureau.At 18 o ‘clock on January 28, chaoyang branch police work found that there is now a drone flying near the second ring Chaoyang gate bridge, after the police work, the drone black flying personnel Li one day.After investigation, the person was aware of the ban policy of low and slow small aircraft in Beijing and flight approval regulations, still holding a lucky mentality, on the same day, the use of uav in the green space near Chaoyang gate bridge to carry out two flights.Chaoyang branch gives administrative detention punishment to Li some day according to disturb sequence.Beijing police have warned that from midnight on January 28 to 24:00 on March 13, 2022, all units, organizations and individuals are prohibited from using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), “time-travel aircraft” and other “low-speed and small” aircraft for sports, entertainment and advertising activities in the administrative area of Beijing.Flight activities in other periods shall be submitted to the air traffic control department or the competent authority of the industry in advance for approval before implementation.Citizens and the general public are requested to abide by the law consciously, put an end to illegal flight behaviors of all kinds of low and slow small aircraft, and jointly maintain air order and public safety in the capital.Source: CCTV News