The most popular password for 78 per cent of Australians is one that can be cracked in seconds

2022-06-20 0 By

Australians are taking risks online as 78 per cent of the country’s most popular passwords can be cracked in seconds, according to a new study.According to News 9, virtual private network service provider NordVPN has found that 157 of the top 200 passwords in Australia fall into the extremely vulnerable category.The NordVPN study showed thatThe top 10 most easily hacked passwords in Australia include 123456, password, lizottes, password1, 123456789, 12345, abc123, QWERTY, 12345678 and Digital privacy expert Danie HoldenNordVPNL. Markuson) : “Despite constant reminders from experts, the public still seems to prioritize convenience over privacy security.”Looking at global trends, the study showed that English speakers tend to use weaker passwords because the language is so widely spoken around the world.In the United States 84.5 percent of passwords can be cracked in seconds, compared with 80.5 percent in the United Kingdom and 80 percent in Canada.In Italy, where many of the passwords are words and names in various Italian languages, only 46.5 percent can be cracked in a matter of seconds.Don’t use English words for your password, Warns Mr Markusen.”Hackers do what’s called a dictionary attack, during which they create a computer program that looks at all the words in the dictionary to see if your password is one of them,” he said.”A computer can submit thousands of guesses per second.”Still, Marcusen says people have a variety of ways to protect their passwords and various accounts.He recommends using the following method when setting passwords: * Never use short passwords.The more types of characters in a password, the longer it takes a hacker to guess;* Do not reuse passwords.Even if one password is compromised, other accounts with different passwords are still protected.* Make your passwords complicated.Use upper and lower case letters, symbols, special characters, and numbers to create strong passwords;* Use long passwords.Dictionary words are not recommended.Instead, create combinations of six or seven random words;* Use a password manager.Password managers help people generate and store passwords.