“While fighting the epidemic” ruichang: Epidemic prevention and control efforts will not be slackened, and economic development will not be interrupted

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This table (jiujiang radio and television media Huang Tao temporal table Hai-bing liao Wu Fenglong) ruichang city after the epidemic prevention and control work achievements, insist on grasping the epidemic prevention and control, grasping the economic and social development, gradually advance the project construction in an orderly way, and return to work and production of enterprises, spring were each work, such as minimizing outbreaks the impact on the economic and social development.In The Commercial Bureau of Ruichang city, a “screen-to-screen” project cloud negotiation is being held. Local people have in-depth communication with Shenzhen Huicheng Environmental Protection And Foshan Limei Lighting, which are 800 kilometers away, through video connection.Recently, such cloud negotiations have been held for 4 times, successfully contributing to the smooth signing and landing of a number of projects.Yang Hui, director of the Commercial Bureau of Ruichang, said that the “online” negotiation, “mail” signing, “online” services will be vigorously implemented, and the “no-meet” investment promotion work process will be constantly improved to ensure that investment promotion work will not be interrupted during the epidemic prevention and control period.In Ruichang Kangjia KKTV Industrial Park, the company’s employees after disinfection, information registration and “four check a wear”, orderly into the production workshop to make a batch of emergency orders.One production line has been restored and nearly 50 employees have returned to work.Li Zhen, general manager of Jiangxi Reikon Technology Co., LTD., told the reporter that the orders had already been received in March, and the production line was working overtime to recover time lost due to the epidemic.In order to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the company has established a scientific and orderly epidemic prevention and control system, implemented closed-loop management for the entire staff, checked the situation one by one every day, and arranged unified accommodation.Li Zhen, general manager of Jiangxi Ruikang Technology Co., LTD., said that the company arranged special buses for a small number of employees to return home every day and conducted a full set of quarantine checks to ensure safety.At the site of the construction project of 1000 mu of high-standard farmland in Guilin Street, Ruichang City, the roar of mechanical operation is constantly heard. Excavators are shuttling back and forth in the fields, adjusting the type of fields and restoring ditches.Lei Zhen, director of farmland construction and farmland quality protection Unit of Ruichang Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that he would make full use of the fine weather and seize the progress to lay a foundation for consolidating grain production, ensure the orderly advance of spring ploughing preparation, and ensure the annual construction task and epidemic prevention and control.(Source: Jiujiang Yitao) Editor: Wu Chen Editor: Chen Shan Review: Li Yaowei Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn