Xingyi Municipal Standing Committee yilong New District Party working Committee held a meeting

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On February 15, the Standing Committee of xingyi Municipal Party Committee and the Party Working Committee of The New District held a meeting to convey and study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection of Guizhou and the spirit of recent relevant meetings and documents of the central, provincial and prefectural governments, and to study the implementation measures of the whole city.Gu Xianlin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC, Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Secretary of CPC Working Committee of New District, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.States, vice chairman of CPPCC, vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor, vice secretary, director of the new city departments dead soul, Chen, chairman of the CPPCC, vice secretary of municipal party committee, deputy director of the new city vice secretary of working committee, management committee, Mr. Li, the standing committee of the municipal party committee, the new city vice mayor of party working committee, the municipal government, the municipal court, the city’s chief prosecutor to attend the meeting.The meeting stressed that the city all the we need to improve the political stance, in-depth study and implement general secretary xi visited guizhou important speech spirit, firmly grasp the great opportunities of the new nation 2 files, adhere to high quality development is suggested, to strengthen the “stable, dry, into”, to “turn, drive, super”, does not fear the winds and waves, dare to struggle,On the new journey of the new era, we will make all-out efforts to overcome difficulties and break through the storm. We will strive to build a new career by taking advantage of the new Guofa No. 2 document, improve our priority status with a bold and enterprising attitude, do a good job in the certification, firmly and persistently promote high-quality development and create high-quality life, and strive to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of Xingyiyilong.The meeting called for a thorough study of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection of Guizhou and the No.2 document of the New State Development, so as to speed up adapting to the requirements of breaking new ground in terms of ideas, knowledge, ability and status.To really learn, learn to deeply understand the rich connotation of the new State development No. 2 document, and effectively transform the learning effect into a strong driving force to promote the work.It is necessary to carry out in-depth research, combine with the new State Development No. 2 document, and make in-depth research and plans for this year’s work, formulate work plans, and promote the implementation of projects and lists based on the main goal of building “one super center and three centers” and new materials industry agglomeration zone.We need to work hard, focus on identifying and solving problems at the front line of our work, focus on key areas and take a holistic approach, make every effort to achieve high-quality development in all aspects of our work, and ensure that the first quarter gets off to a solid start.We need to carry out practical supervision, fully integrate resources, raise the professional level of the inspection team, carry out regular, precise and effective supervision and supervision on major arrangements and arrangements, and ensure that all decisions and arrangements are implemented in detail.To strictly regulate, improve the style of work, pay close attention to implementation, promote the new development of Xingyi Yilong with new improvement of the style of cadres, with outstanding achievements to meet the 20th Party congress and the 13th provincial Party Congress successfully held.Major responsible comrades of relevant municipal departments attended the meeting.