How big is the difference between “often use hand cream” and “don’t apply hand cream” hands?So what happened?

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Entertainment circle “beautiful hands” boy god Wang Kai, hand skin is not only fair and delicate, but also particularly uniform, and there are even rumors that he bought insurance for his hands, although he is a boy, but the hand skin maintenance is better than the girls, because the hand is the second face, which is enough to explain the importance of.There are many exquisite people in life, and stars are no exception.Lin Gengxin is the king of hand control, according to the grapevine, Lin Gengxin spends nearly 200,000 yuan on hand cream every year, Lin gengxin applies hand cream all the time, even when he gets up in the middle of the night.It is often heard that a man’s second face is a pair of white hands.Especially during the cold, dry winter months, lip balm and hand cream, especially hand cream, in a girl’s bag can make a big difference.There’s a big difference between someone who uses hand cream regularly and someone who doesn’t.As the saying goes, we can tell a lot about a woman’s quality of life from her hand maintenance.Because hands age easily, they will be covered with fine lines and will look rough.Hand maintenance must use hand cream, especially in the dry winter, can be very good to avoid dry and rough hands, resulting in pigment accumulation, black joints.Visible choice of hand cream plays an important role.What’s the difference between “always use hand cream” and “no hand cream”?What happened then?In the face of a dazzling array of hand creams, many people do not know how to choose, for fear that the money also spent has no effect, xiaobian also has the same idea.See a lot of net red and stars on the Internet by chance a hand cream in the forever, feel the effect is pretty good, so I started this hand cream.The shape of this hand cream is the oval shape of the fans, looks delicate and lovely, easy to carry, and does not take up space, whether in the pocket, or in the bag, it is particularly convenient, can be applied to your body.Is the beauty of the girls must be worth every exquisite girls have.After using this hand cream for a period of time, the original hand skin will be dark and rough, and the skin will be greatly improved.When it comes to getting a manicure, you don’t have to worry about what style to choose.It feels really good.It contains a variety of plant extracts to moisturize and protect hand skin.If used in winter, it won’t cause problems like chapped and wrinkled hands.The ingredients are mild and do not hurt or irritate the skin.Can gradually improve the chapped hand skin, rough, peeling, but also can inhibit the joint melanin precipitation.This hand cream can be used all year round, especially in winter.You can carry hand cream with you, and it can be well maintained in dry winter weather.The prices are also affordable.If you want to maintain your hands, you can try this goose egg hand cream to make your hands smooth and delicate.