“Second Adaptation Period” for new comrade-in-arms

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In recent days, the mobile detachment of hainan Armed Police Corps has helped the new recruits to shorten the transition period by means of their own tricks.Build a base of the faith history textbook is one of the best is the absolute best team organization recruits into the historiographers promenade in roots, dialogue martyrs traced comprehension forces the glorious traditions of enhancing “who to carry gun” revolutionary beliefs make up realizes the strength of the beginner’s mind the mission and they think of new recruits, XieXinBing of extensive “knew jap soldier, love” big talk activities once establishedSoldier situation archives tracking new comrades-in-arms thinking dynamic and tendency problems to do a good job in one person and one thing ideological work 02 Strengthen military skills, sharpen iron will usually sweat,In order to make the new recruits enter the condition as soon as possible, each squadron customized the military training package according to the military quality of the new recruits. Through activities such as small competitions and small meeting exercises, the new recruits were able to temper their excellent skills in the process of struggling and struggling courageously.To sharpen their fighting will, they selected excellent grassroots front-line military leaders in a new and old way to share their own growth experience with new recruits. Meanwhile, they helped new recruits familiarize themselves with business skills and weapons and equipment through on-the-spot teaching and practical operation.Strengthen the consciousness of orders the company adhere to the rule of law education throughout to carry out the “learn laws and regulations, rules, regulations” activities organized a number of laws and regulations in learning to use all kinds of law and order of the film well cultivated education to guide the recruit strict character overhead to be law-abiding consciousness strictly implement systematization interior order standardization day life style to develop standardized specification recruits set up good soldiers like 04 in word and deedIn order to relax the recruits and integrate into the environment, the detachment carries out recreational and sports activities welcomed by the officers and soldiers, and sets up several basketball and football teams so that the recruits can meet new comrades-in-arms through passionate matches.Familiar with new environment they also encourage introverted shy recruits to follow “shelly sword” theory of history of the party members of the team together to go into the classroom in party history micro tell their study of party history story let recruits cabined feeling really down into the new collective southern war zone authority issued producers: Liang Qiying Tian Jun editor: Liu Daofu Jiang Bo west editor: Sun Bingxiang coordinating editor: Cai Menghua formats:Li Hao-qi Journal: No. 1428 Email: nbqjh_001@163.com