Nanjing Gaochun: a group of Tsinghua students came to the village

2022-06-22 0 By

Gaogang Village, Qiqiao Street, Gaochun District, Nanjing, is a typical “hollow village” with 39 families and 138 registered population, but only 50 permanent residents.But since the gaochun district government cooperation with tsinghua university, set up here at tsinghua university since the country revitalization of the workstation, great changes have taken place in this small village: ancient collisions with emerging here, homesickness and hope in here, “+ universities” in the small village “campus + rural village” revitalization of the new model is more and more clear.This winter holiday, 15 Tsinghua university students lived in Gaogang village again. They not only went to the village to conduct various investigations, but also carried out micro-landscape reconstruction and cultural and creative packaging of agricultural products.Let’s listen to the dialogue of “Qingchun” and feel the dream of rural revitalization of Gaogang Village!Nan Baorong Media reporter Zhang Luhe Gang Qian Jianfen/Wen Miyue/video