On Arbor Day, tongren volunteers “plant” green ideas into the hearts of young new citizens

2022-06-22 0 By

On March 12, nearly 20 social workers and volunteers, organized by the Sunshine Volunteer Association of Tonren and the Social Work Service Center of Love Tongxing, led children in bijiang District, Wanshan District, Shiqian County, Dalong, Yuping and other places to carry out the “3•12” Tree Planting Day series of volunteer service activities.At the beginning of the activity, the volunteer teacher introduced the origin of “Arbor Day” and the significance of tree planting to the children through various forms, and then organized the children to bring the prepared camellia tree saplings to the community “micro-pastoral” planting.Shovel digging, tree filling, water pouring trees, children clear division of labor, mutual cooperation, orderly.On that day, the children planted more than 10 trees to practice the ecological concept of green development and contribute to the construction of beautiful countryside.Ring pond dragon community in river area, including tax bureau, jiang district administration of taxation, including copper line for love social work service center, including sunshine volunteers association also jointly “today’s draw trees, green feeding into the tree” theme activities, and ring pond dragon community benefit children’s children were painted green park site, planting tree of spirit.The children hold brushes and the colorful paint is spread out on the paper. The volunteer teacher looks at the children and corrects their brush holding posture from time to time and teaches them the use of different colors.Soon, a series of environmental protection trees were born in the children’s pen, and the green concept is also “planted” in the heart.”In recent years, under the guidance of the concept of ‘two mountains’, the ecological environment of Tongren has been greatly improved and the ecological safety barrier has been further consolidated.We carried out a series of volunteer service activities on Arbor Day, hoping to take this opportunity to cultivate the seeds of green development concept among the teenagers in Tongren, and to be guardians of the green waters and green mountains in the future.”Tongren City sunshine volunteer Association president Ren Tingbo said.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Chen Yang correspondent Wang Lilan editor Jiang Jiajia editor Zhu Xie