Yongzhou: Make every effort to ensure adequate market supply during Spring Festival

2022-06-22 0 By

Rednet moment January 30 news (correspondent Wang Gengdi) The Spring Festival will come, yongzhou city, the major supermarkets, farmers markets actively do a good job of commodity supply and service security, the consumer market is prosperous and active, grain and oil, vegetables, meat and other necessities of life supply is sufficient, the price is stable, the festive atmosphere is growing strong.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the author in step by step high supermarket to see, rice, oil, noodles in the grain and oil area filled with shelves, fresh meat, vegetables and other ample stock, the citizens are orderly buy necessities of life, the flavor of the thick.There was an endless stream of people coming to the supermarket to shop. They followed the epidemic prevention and control requirements, measured the temperature, scanned the code and then entered the supermarket in turn, and the scene was orderly.In the supermarket, rice, flour, grain, oil, vegetables and other commodities are everything, meat, eggs and milk varieties are complete, fresh texture.Citizen Mr. Wang said: “supplies are very rich, want to buy anything, buy at any time.”According to Liu Fang, the head of the supermarket, while doing a solid job in epidemic prevention and control, the supermarket is doing its best to ensure the supply of supplies for the Spring Festival. At present, the supply is stable and there is no shortage.”Increased the quantity and type of imports, focusing on the guarantee of food, oil, meat and other necessities of life market supply, at present, step by Step supermarket prepared 25 million worth of oil, rice, noodles and other materials.”Subsequently, the author came to hong Ping farmers market to see that the shelves of vegetables, fruits, meat rich and diverse.In order to better meet the purchasing needs of citizens, businesses have increased their efforts to stock up and ensure the supply of “vegetable baskets” and “rice bags”.”The goods are well prepared. Fresh fruits come in every day, and there are a wide variety of products,” said luo Huawei, the merchant.To ensure market demand during the Spring Festival, the city commerce authorities early deployment, and the arrangement, the grain, oil, meat, vegetables, oil relations such as people’s basic life to need varieties of supply as a focal point of emergency guarantee for rich move more items at the same time, strengthen the production and marketing cohesion, to ensure that during the Spring Festival market well supplied, meet diverse demand.Yongzhou Commerce Bureau party member, deputy director Li Ye said: “at present, the city’s inventory of rice 20,700 tons, inventory of edible oil 5,900 tons, pork reserves 1,000 tons, refined oil stocks 49,000 tons, can effectively respond to emergencies and abnormal market fluctuations, can fully meet the demand for supply during the Spring Festival.”