Coach Su pleaded for an end to criticism of the referee after some media misread his comments on scoring

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Su’s coach yasuhiro Sato said in an open letter that he and Su understand the difficulty of real-time scoring, thank all the judges, and urge the public to stop criticizing su during the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.China’s Su Yiming celebrates after her match on February 7.According to a response from an INTERNATIONAL Snowboarding federation official, some media outlets misread the comments made by the competition’s referee on professional snowboarding website “”.Sato’s letter said he realised there might be problems with the scoring after the final.”I was sorry to be honest, but I quickly remembered that it was part of the game and respected the decision.””Also, I think this result may be the motivation for Su to train harder in the future.Most importantly, our goal was for Su to give her all and give her best, and we feel very satisfied that we have done that.”The veteran snowboarding coach said that after the medal ceremony, he saw many professionals and enthusiasts complaining on social media that the scoring was strange, so he and Su called iztok Shumatic, the competition’s chief judge.Su Yiming at the medal presentation ceremony in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.”The point [of the call] was to say that we didn’t care at all about the heated discussion we were seeing on social media and that grading was really hard sometimes.I told the chief judge, Mr. Shumatic, thank you very much for all the judges today, and Yiming Su directly expressed the same to him.Mr. Shumatiqi also thanked us very much.””The culture of ski sports is created by everyone, and the people who are active in the community are all families.People make mistakes sometimes. They make mistakes, that’s all.Please end all criticism of the judges in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final.And a big congratulations to Max Parrott, the gold medalist.””Mr. Sato wrote.An international snow federation official also told reporters that some media misread Schumatich’s earlier remarks.The person noted that The “different scores” shumatic referred to was a “plural number.”Asked if “the score would have been different if the judges had indeed seen gold medalist Max Parrott not grabbing the board,” Shumathic replied: “Yes, the score would have been different,” according to the website article.Max Parrott of Canada competes on February 7.But the point Mr. Shumatic was trying to make, this person explained, was that not only Mr. Parrott might have scored differently, but other players as well, based on more angles of the game that emerged only after the race.”From the images that the referee was looking at during the match, there was no mistake in parrott’s action, which means the referee was not inclined to re-examine it at the time.”Even if the camera Angle the judges use is’ limited ‘, they will still use it to make sure everyone is given a fair score.””This person said.As for the difference in the perception of the game from different camera angles, the person cited the point deduction for su’s hand touching the snow during a slide in the final through the judges’ lens.But from the perspective of the television camera, viewers cannot see this detail.Max Parrott (r) of Canada and Su Yiming of China congratulate each other after winning the gold medal in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.”There is no such thing as a perfect ‘grab’ skate on the day, the judges just give points based on what they can see during the race.””He stressed.Source: Xinhua