“Focus on the two sessions” into the state “two sessions” involved venues to carry out fire safety inspections

2022-06-23 0 By

In order to do a good job during the state “NPC and CPPCC” fire safety work, effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of major fire accidents, On February 9, Jinghong City fire rescue brigade in-depth state “NPC and CPPCC” meeting site to carry out pre-meeting fire safety inspection.During the inspection, the supervision and law enforcement officers of the brigade went into The Intercontinental Xishuangbanna Resort, SDI Convention and Exhibition Hotel and Century Jinyuan Hotel successively to determine whether the fire safety responsibility system has been implemented.Whether the fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan is made;Whether the fire control room is on duty system, whether the fire control room on duty personnel on duty;Whether the management personnel and staff can use the fire extinguisher correctly and skillfully;Whether to master evacuation and escape skills;Whether fire control facilities are in normal operation;Fire engine access, evacuation access and safety exits were carefully checked.In view of the inspection found the problem, the brigade supervision and law enforcement personnel scene to the unit in charge of the feedback, and asked the place in charge to strengthen the unit fire safety management, standardize the use of fire, electricity, gas.Eliminate fire hazards in time, strictly prevent fire accidents, for the state “two sessions” smoothly held escort.Liu Jian-Wei