The Cavaliers are going to mess things up, add offense to the backcourt, and the road to strengthening is still not stopped

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The player supermarket finally made its first deal since the Pacers announced their rebuilding, when the quiet Cavaliers quietly struck it rich, trading rubio’s season loss plus several draft picks for Lebwell.This is the second trade for the Cavaliers after rubio and Sexton lost their contracts, after they acquired Rajon Rondo from the Lakers.How to evaluate this deal?I think at least both sides get what they want.Rubio’s expiring contract isn’t perfect for the rebuilding Pacers, and next year’s first-round pick should give them multiple options, despite widespread speculation about the quality of the next draft class.The Cavs are bolstering their weak backcourt, which has been bolstered by aging Rajon Rondo and two-way contract player Goodwin after Garland missed many games.The arrival of Le Vell was an immediate relief.While Levir isn’t good enough, his ability to defend defensively is a problem, and his shooting percentage isn’t as high — 44.7 percent and 32.3 percent this season — the 27-year-old is one of the best guards on the market.At the very least, he’s averaging 18.7 points per game and has a decent passing and driving ability as a double player, given that the Cavs need more shooters in the backcourt.Even though they have the deepest interior reserves and can play high and low and inside and out, they still need a player who can start the offense from the perimeter and, better yet, draw defensive attention.The Cavaliers, who traded for Leveer, clearly had a shot at this season, and they played well enough.This season has benefited from an unusual trio, whose wide defensive coverage has helped the Cavaliers play top-tier defense, allowing the fewest points per game (102.1) and ranking third in defensive efficiency (105.3).The Cavs, who sit in fourth place in the Eastern Conference at 33-21, are desperate to bolster their team as they look to advance further in the playoffs this season.As for next season’s draft picks, garland (22), Allen (23) and Cuttley Mobley (20) are enough for them to develop, not to mention markkanen (24) and Oklo (21). The Framework for the next few years has been agreed upon, and there is no room for new talent.What’s more, the Cavaliers still have a chip to trade, continue to strengthen, that is sexton has been reimbursed for the season.In fact, after righting Garland, Sexton has been basically not in the Cavaliers’ future plans, and after Lewell joined, Sexton’s departure has become inevitable.Despite being out for the season, the 23-year-old guard averaged 16 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.1 assists before his injury. The 2018 No. 8 overall pick still has some untapped potential, and with his $8.56 million contract expiring next year, the market is relatively optimistic.The prevailing wisdom is that the Cavs still lack a no. 3 position with the ability to drive, or a backcourt with the ability to drive, which would be the cavs’ main target in the Sexton trade.Given the current market for players, however, there is no suitable team to trade, and given the current demand for centers, the Cavs may be able to pull another team into a three-way trade.What is clear is that there is a good chance that the Cavaliers will move Sexton before the trade deadline to bolster the team’s weak forward line because they are so intent on this season.Who would have thought that was the bad one of the three knights would so quickly complete reconstruction, these two years a series of trading operations as well as the draft, the cavaliers have showed strong planning, they walked on a correct road reconstruction, and have found a triangle framework for development team of the cavaliers, the future can be, do not underestimate this season,Their inside edge gives every team a headache.