Zhou Zhi public security | Heavy-handed New Year anti-drug first shot!

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Drugs, a growing “evil flower”, bring great harm to people and society.Zhou Zhi County public security Bureau during the Spring Festival, anti-drug work efforts do not reduce, standards do not drop, drive is not loose, liangjian cut poison will not be soft, recently, the county bureau successfully captured 3 drug-related personnel, seized a total of 39 grams of heroin, started the New Year anti-drug “first shot”.January 30, Ma Zhao police station police learned in the work, zhou to the county zhongnan town people suspected of trafficking drugs, in order to further promote the anti-drug “qingyuan cut off flow” action, Zhou to the county public security bureau carefully planned, all-out attack, focus on the drug crime launched a fierce offensive.Multi-sectoral joint, dig and find out poison nets, followed the track suppression steroids, through information, master to criminal suspects in February 5th clues for drug dealing, police are trying to touch bottom, casing, waiting for you, in the town of 5, 12 PM at noon in the novel will be suspected of drug trafficking Chen and zhang so-and-so red-handed, scene captured 9 grams of heroin.5 afternoon, handling the case police follow the lead, increase efforts to work, dig out the online drug trafficking suspect Li Mou, and at noon on the 6th, the suspect Li Mou was captured in town, scene seized 30 grams of heroin.After the trial, Chen mou, Zhang Xx, Li mou 3 people confessed to the crime of selling drugs.At present, the case is being further handled.The next step, Zhouzhi County public Security Bureau will closely around the “zero tolerance, a heavy fist, full coverage” work goal, maintain the situation of cracking down on drug crimes and high pressure, continue to carry out anti-drug special rectification, actively respond to the masses of the people to create a safe Week to the new expectations!Source: Micropat Week to