A dream of red Mansions: Daiyu was weak and sickly. Why didn’t Jia mother love her so much and ask a doctor to cure her thoroughly?

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Jia’s mother has found the best doctor to be Dai Yu’s personal physician.She invited Daiyu to the “Dream of Red Mansions” wang Tai doctor, six kinds of official positions, at least in the tai Hospital is second in command, belongs to the royal family top with the royal doctor.Therefore, there is no jia mother did not ask the doctor to treat Lin Daiyu said.And Lin Daiyu did not have a very serious disease at the beginning.When Daiyu first came to Jia Fu, it was congenital deficiency and weakness of the body, which only needed to be maintained.Her subsequent illness was in jia Fu, so that cough, insomnia, sputum, cough blood and other increasingly serious, but the most deadly is heart disease.In a Dream of Red Mansions, there are at least two, and in fact there may be more, in the twenty-eighth chapter of a Dream of Red Mansions, there are two doctors who treat Daiyu: Lady Wang met Lin Daiyu and asked, “Dear girl, would you be better if you took the medicine from Doctor Bao?”Lin Daiyu said: That’s all.The old lady told me to take Doctor Wang’s medicine.The ancient doctors, doctors, doctors, imperial doctors are just different status and address, they have a common identity that is – traditional Chinese medicine, they pay attention to look, smell, ask, cut, the four syndromes combined, and then can prescribe medicine, let the patient take.Sometimes it is necessary to “test by prescription”, that is, according to the patient according to the prescription of three to five doses, according to the development and change of the condition, again consider the prescription.So since Lin Daiyu in a Dream of Red Mansions had taken the medicine of these two doctors, at least it can be proved that both of them had treated Lin Daiyu.Who was Dr. Wang?It appears many times in a Dream of Red Mansions, two of which are devoted to his family background and the relationship with the Jia Family.First, in the 42nd time, after taking Grandma Liu to visit the grand View Garden, Mother Jia fell ill and Doctor Wang appeared brightly. When Mother Jia saw that he was wearing six kinds of clothes, she knew the imperial doctor and asked with a smile: “Have you offered them?”As he asked Jia Zhen: “What is the name of this worshiper?”Jia Zhen and others hurried back and said, “My name is Wang.” Jia mother said, “That day, Wang Junxiao was in the main hall of the Hospital.Doctor Wang bowed his head and replied with a smile, “That’s a late uncle.”Wang Tai doctor wearing six official, Ming and Qing dynasty, too hospital sentenced to have two people, is six official titles.From the above we can learn that the great-uncle of the doctor wang Junxiao was a full court judge, so he was at least the second in command himself.In addition, we can know from jia mother’s words, of course, Although Wang Junxiao is the principal hall, but he personally serves the Rong Guo Fu, which also reflects the wealth and power of Jia Fu from one side.Second, on the fifty-first time Qing Wen fell ill, the boy outside invited Hu Junrong and prescribed some medicine for tiger and Wolf. Jia Baoyu was not satisfied with this, so he sent for the king’s doctor.Donkey mentioned Gu Fu commonly used in addition to the king cure too much, one zhang cure too much, every time don’t have to give money to see a doctor, only to its money, as to cure is to transform the “four big fan gifts every year, is that in certain cases”, is equivalent to we now often say a quarterly settlement payment, is very stable long-term cooperation relationship.And zijuan tried jade that time, Jia mother in a hurry to find a baby grandson Jia Baoyu doctor is also the King too doctor, wang too high medical skills, as well as Jia mother on his trust and reliance not only Jia mother for Daiyu please doctor, Lady Wang this aunt although do not like Daiyu, but due to Jia mother also do enough face project.The doctor Bao we mentioned was the doctor Lady Wang invited for Daiyu.Mrs. Wang’s identity is the home of the rong Guo Fu, the mother of the queen Jia Yuan Spring, the younger sister of Prince Teng, she asked bao tai doctor must not be general, at least the identity is not low.Again mentioned in the above long-term cooperation Dr. Zhang Tai is likely to have seen daiyu’s disease.So calculate up, jia Fu to daiyu come to see a doctor in the doctor there are three, but also are heavyweight.In the beginning, Lin Daiyu was just a weak illness, which was only mentioned later in the Jia Family. When Daiyu appeared in a Dream of Red Mansions, it was introduced that “the girl student was very young and weak in body”, and “she was often timid and ill, and violated the old disease, so she did not go to school for several days”.But At this time, Daiyu was just weak, because later in the article, before she left home, she wrote clearly that “The female student Daiyu was in better health and could not bear to leave her father.”This shows that Daiyu was not ill when she went to Jia fu from Yangzhou, but was weak.After Daiyu entered the Rong Guo Mansion, the people saw her “weak and helpless body” and asked her what illness she was suffering from and what medicine she was taking.Daiyu herself said, “I have been taking medicine since I knew how to eat and drink. Until now, I have not stopped taking medicine. I have asked many doctors to make prescriptions, but none of them worked…I still take ginseng Yang-young pills.Jia mother then commanded, also helped Daiyu with ginseng yangrong pills in Jia fu continue to eat.Here Jia mother just took Daiyu from Yangzhou, it is the time for the heart baby, for Daiyu’s body, Jia mother must be particularly concerned about, at this time only lightly let continue to eat ginseng Yangrong pills, that Daiyu at this time the physical condition is good, but some weak qi and blood, need nourishing.Moreover, Jia mother let Daiyu follow her to live in the green gauze cabinet, after the winter to clean up the house, because the green gauze cabinet is warm, it can be seen that Jia mother is very concerned about Daiyu’s health.Dai jade is later began coughing in the Gu Fu six or seven years later, when the dai jade parents, nor a brother, a baby can only sponsor, and because of mind lofty aloof, more sensitive, and under the pressure of marriage, she can’t see the hope, and the treasure jade love concerned excessive, often can’t sleep, eat, wounded flesh, the body is getting worse,It starts with a cough.The thirty-fifth time in the book the original text wrote: Zijuan smiled and said: The cough was better, and did not take medicine again…Lin Daiyu, of course, had to eat five of her usual ten meals, and the others did not care…Daiyu said: YESTERDAY I felt good. I only had to cough twice. However, I only slept for four times and one change.It was clearly mentioned in the book that the initiation of Daiyu’s illness occurred in the thirty-fourth time: When Lin Daiyu was writing further, she felt hot all over and her face was burning…I saw the cheeks red, envy overpower peach blossom, but I do not know the disease from the sprout.As Daiyu’s illness worsens, Jia’s mother also lets the doctors see a doctor and take medicine for her. Zijuan once said, “The old ladies for the girl’s illness, make every effort to ask the good doctor to make medicine for diagnosis and treatment.” It can be seen that the prescription has long been different from the ginseng yangrong pill before.When Baochai and Daiyu got married to Jin Ranchi in the 45th episode, they mentioned: “Daiyu always coughs until after the spring and autumn equinoxes. This autumn, when Jia Mother was happy, she played twice more, which was a bit of exhaustion. Recently, she coughed again, feeling heavier than usual…Baochai way: although the few doctors here are all good, but you take their medicine is not effective, it is better to invite a smart person to have a look, cure is not good?Spring and summer every year…Therefore, Daiyu was not always sick at that time. She herself said, “How do I look like in good days?” That is to say, when she did not cough, she was still weak.In the last forty episodes of the book, it was written that Daiyu’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and she began to cough phlegm and blood.Struggle…Lying down again, tossing and turning “symptoms.But since the last forty times may not be the author’s original intention, there is no more discussion.To sum up, Jia mother from beginning to end to Daiyu’s health and illness are very concerned.Nanshan orange warm/text