Sales talk in different customer situations

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Many sales are often speechless by customers’ problems, do not know how to respond to customers, naturally unable to close a deal.So it is necessary for sales to understand some different situations to deal with the customer’s words.Foreword do sales, do not be afraid of customer rejection, because customer rejection is the normal, and customer rejection does not mean that customers can not close a deal, many are excuses for customers to find, it is important to learn to analyze customer needs and psychology, so as to solve the problem of customers.Many sales are often speechless by customers’ problems, do not know how to respond to customers, naturally unable to close a deal.Therefore, it is necessary for sales to understand some different situations to deal with the customer’s words, so as to flexibly apply.Situation 1: Client says “No time, maybe later!”Many sales are always unable to solve this problem when customers say they have no time. In fact, customers do not have time, but they just do not want to waste time listening to sales nonsense.So sales should be in three minutes straight into the core, from the customer’s interest point cut, to the point.Mr. Zhang, I can understand you very much, you need to deal with many things every day, time is very precious, so I am very grateful that you are willing to listen to me now, I will not delay you too long, you just need to give me two minutes, after two minutes, you will know how important this plan is to you!Situation 2: Client says “I don’t have any money!”Many customers refuse to sell the product directly because they have no money before they understand the product. This is because they do not see the value of the product, nor do they think the product can bring them benefits, but think it is a waste of money and want to block sales from the very beginning.So sales should first guide customers to understand the product, and then throw preferential bait, first stimulate customer interest.Mr. Zhang, I can understand your difficulties. If you appreciate and recognize our products after knowing our products, I will try my best to apply for the biggest discount for you in terms of funds. Our company is very humane!Situation 3: The customer says “I’d like to think about it and talk to you later!”If the sales let the customer to consider, do not think, 80% of the order will be cold, sales to strike while the iron is hot, ask the customer what have doubts, help the customer to solve the problem and then make an appointment to talk about the specific time.Mr. Zhang, I think you must be interested in our products before you want to reconsider, otherwise you must reject me directly!Do not say anything else, I also sincerely hope that the product can help you solve the problem, help you bring more benefits, you might as well tell me what specific aspects you have doubts?I can help you solve it!Quick reply sales can set the above words and other commonly used words, excellent words into quick phrases, stored in the knowledge base of quick reply assistant platform, not only reduce repeated typing, but also facilitate one-click send, and through it can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce workload.In different conversation situations, sales can quickly retrieve the corresponding words and send them to the customer for communication.The excellent quick reply platform adopts the structure of “public communication + department communication + personal communication”. The enterprise can put the high-quality communication reply into the public communication, realizing the multi-person sharing of the enterprise team. All the sales in the team can see and use this set of high-quality communication, and the dialogue skills are unified and of high standard.And support multi-person editing at the same time, real-time synchronization, multi-device roaming.For different departments, the department manager can also use high-quality communication skills in the corresponding department for employees to use.If the employee has some useful or common language skills, they can also be put into the personal language skills.Summary sales should learn to analyze the psychology of customers in different situations, and flexible application of words to solve specific problems, do not be afraid of customers’ excuses, but to see the move.